Carmelo Viviani

Actor and VA Artist

Hello I'm Carmelo: Professional actor and alumni of ALRA Drama school.

Based in Hertfordshire, England.

Feel free to browse my resume and the projects I have been involved in at your leisure.


About Me

I think its fair to say I was always dramatic. In everyday life you would have called me the quiet and shy kid but if you gave me a script and a role, you would see me morph into character, full of life and confidence. At first it was just fun, an escape from my lack of social skills but as the years went by I realised there was a craft and a discipline being taken in. I spent my secondary years paying more attention to drama, beginning to hone and develop my skills to better myself in the years to follow. To start my journey and become the man writing this today.

In early 2014, I was at the beginning of the end of my GCSE's. It was at this point I was introduced to amateur dramatics theatre and fully fell in love with acting, seeing it less as a creative outlet and more as a career; Performing 5 shows between 2015 and 2016 before moving on to train at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts from 2016 to 2017.

After taking a break and returning to am dram for a year, I started my professional acting career by moving to Paris and performing at Disney then moved into the Film and TV sphere by working with the Threelancers on numerous shorts and eventually leading the independent feature "The Moment Trap" in 2019.

In 2020 I directed my first film "The Interrogation of Mr Wesler" to much praise and am now making the transition to Voice acting and Voice over. I look forward to what awaits in the future!  

Check out what I've done below!

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Notable Productions

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"If all a bird sees are the bars to its cage, it will spend its life afraid of the sky"

Carmelo Viviani

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Hertford, Hertfordshire, England


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